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Who We Are

LifeBridge Church is a Bible-focused, service-oriented, family of faith, passionate about knowing God, demonstrating love to all people, engaging our community, and impacting our world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a bridge that helps people find and follow Jesus.

Our Beliefs

We believe the one true God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, created all things and deeply loves all people. Therefore we will love God, love all people and value His creation.

We believe God the Father is perfect, yet patiently fulfills His plan to restore imperfect people to a relationship with himself. Therefore we will develop relationships that introduce others to the Father’s patient love.

We believe God the Son, Jesus, was sent by the Father to live a perfect human life, die for our sins, and be raised from the dead to reconcile us to God. Therefore we will spread the good news of Jesus by word and deed.

We believe God the Holy Spirit lives within those who follow Jesus, empowering them to live out God’s plan. Therefore we will listen to the Spirit and courageously do everything in His power.

We believe the Bible, God’s life-giving, life-changing word, equips people to serve God and others. Therefore we will study, obey and teach God’s word, passing on its life-changing impact.

We believe the church is a diverse, yet unified, community of people who do good works and spread the good news of reconciliation. Therefore we will collectively and individually serve our neighbors, community and world.

We believe worship, expressing gratitude and praise in all we do, honors God for who He is and what He does. Therefore we will celebrate God’s worth, and honor Him with all we have and all we do.

We believe prayer builds confidence in God’s provision, guidance and forgiveness, by aligning us with God’s plan. Therefore we will continually pray in faith, know God cares and answers.

Our Friends

LifeBridge Church, formerly known as Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church, is a member of Converge Worldwide, an international, Christian network, once called the Baptist General Conference, which was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1852 and today consists of nearly 1,000 churches. Each local congregation operates autonomously and is responsible for its own ministry functions. At the same time, local churches cooperate with other Converge churches to accomplish larger ministry goals.

The United States branch of Converge Worldwide is divided into several regional conferences. LifeBridge Church is a part of Converge Southwest, formerly the Southwest Baptist Conference, which covers Southern California, Arizona and parts of Texas.

Our Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith expresses our understanding of the major principles found in the Bible.

Our Values

We are…

  1. Biblically-Guided: We believe the Bible is the word of God without error, our compass for everything we say and do.
  2. Multi-Generational and Multi-Ethnic: We cherish the synergy that comes from people of all ages and backgrounds pursuing one mission in a community of loving relationships.
  3. Outwardly-Focused: We strive to meet the needs of those inside and outside our church, but choose to serve guests first and ourselves second.
  4. Missionally-Driven: We place mission ahead of methods, encouraging teams to use excellence and innovation to honor God and reach people.
  5. Evangelistically-Effective: We believe the best outreach happens when people invite people to participate in authentic community.
  6. Spiritually-Growing: We urge everyone to seek a transforming, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to use his or her gifts in ministry.
  7. Results-Minded: We measure progress by the increase in multiplying Christ-followers, emerging leaders, and new churches.
  8. Thankfully-Generous: We seek to give generously of our time, abilities, and treasures to God’s kingdom out of gratitude to Him for what He has done.