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In our busy culture, we rarely take time to truly disconnect from the voices and busyness of the world. If we don’t take time, how can we hear God’s voice? Join us as we explore how to truly REST. (Listen)


When you examine your life with God, do you feel unworthy, beaten, hopeless, or condemned? How are Jesus-followers meant to feel? On June 7 and 14, explore what it means to live “UNCONDEMNED.” (Listen)


On Sunday, May 31, join us as U.S. Navy Chaplain, Paul Armstrong, brings a message about the incredible power of grace and how it impacts our lives and enables us to impact the world. (Listen)


This Memorial Day, join us for a special message by U.S. Navy Chaplain Paul Armstrong, honoring those who have served our country, as we remember our Savior, Jesus Christ. (Listen)


Life is not easy. We live in a broken world, filled with broken people. Many times, we suffer. What if we used that experience to enrich our faith and maybe even someone else’s faith? (Listen)

20150426-AudiosGod’s Eye View

How do you see the people of this world? Are they valuable because of what they can do for you or how they stack up against culture’s standards? How does God see them? (Listen)

20150419-AudiosWhere Are You?

“Where are you? What is this you have done?” God asked these questions many years ago in his very first interaction with human beings. Is He still asking us the same questions today? (Listen)


In our busy, frantic lives we often miss Jesus. Make no mistake about it, he has always been there, drawing near to us. The question is, “Do we recognize him?” Discover how to see Jesus in all life brings our way. (Listen)

20150405-AudiosRelationship Bridge

What if Christianity is not about rules but relationship? Does that even make sense? Join special guest Remi Adeleke as he shares his story of transition from defiance to faith. (Listen)

20150329-AudiosTwo Crowds

Two crowds met Jesus during His last week. One greeted him with cheers and acceptance, the other with jeers and rejection. Which crowd is easiest for you to join? How do you live like the right crowd lived? (Listen)


The Bible describes our position in relationship to God using three terms, slaves, citizens and sons or daughters. How do we understand our position? How would knowing our roles changes our lives? (Listen)

20140212-IsraelVirtual Israel Tour

Take a virtual walk through the land of Israel. Download (right-click PC; cmd-click Mac) the Pictures in PowerPoint format, open them, and then Listen as George Altson explains each site’s biblical references and importance.