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The G4 Pathway

Imagine rebuilding your house after a wildfire. No doubt your contractor would sit down with you and ask, “How do you want your house to look when it’s finished?” What if you sat down with God and heard him ask the same thing about your life? Would you be willing to throw out the old blueprints and say, “Lord, please rebuild my life according to your plans. Be my architect, builder and contractor.”

At LifeBridge Church, we see ourselves as part of a large, construction site. Hundreds of lives are being rebuilt by God. We could mount a large sign over our entrance reading, “Hard hat area. Lives under construction.”

Life needs to be simple. We’ve discovered a building process that can work for anyone. It’s simple and easy to follow. Sometimes we’re asked, “How can I experience life-change through a relationship with God?” We answer, “Follow the G-4 pathway.” What is the G-4 Pathway? Here are the four easy steps.

The first step is to Gather to Worship.

Start by worshiping God on the weekends. In our worship gatherings, we learn about God and what He says in the Bible. We meet people of all backgrounds and generations who love Him and want their lives rebuilt, too.

We have two worship gatherings on Sundays, one at 9:30 am and one at 11:00 am. We offer a mixture of contemporary praise, next generation worship, and occasional hymns. Teaching is usually led by one of our staff pastors and the message is the same in both gatherings on any given Sunday.

The second step is to Grow to Mature.

Life change happens best in small groups and we have a place for everyone. Groups for men and women meet in homes for discipleship and fellowship. Adults gather on Sunday mornings to study biblical topics in a classroom setting.

AWANA Clubs are offered on Wednesdays nights for kids ages preschool through fifth grade. Middle and high school students converge for worship and discussion on Wednesdays, too. Our Men’s Network and Women’s Ministry events give you an opportunity to make new friends and build relationships with people like you.

The third step is to Give to Serve.

We long to connect God’s “Good News” with good deeds. Something transformational happens when we serve others and volunteer ministry teams abound at LBC. We have opportunities to match every interest and ability.

Want to serve the younger set? Our children’s ministry, AWANA Clubs, and student ministry teams love fresh volunteers. Want to help the homeless? Every other month, our church serves hot meals in downtown San Diego. Want to impact your local community? Participate in a “Faith in Action Sunday,” when we work at local elementary schools, nursing homes and community parks. Want to go abroad? We’re constantly sending people with teams serving overseas.

Want to help financially? Regular giving to our general fund, mission projects,

benevolent needs or our Touched By Fire campus expansion is always welcome and reveals a generosity that comes from one who is on the G-4 pathway.

The fourth step is to Go to Reproduce.

Life generates life. Together, we seek to lead people to become Christ-followers, leaders who serve, and visionaries who launch new churches in North County and beyond. Bring people to worship so that new life can be reproduced in them. Multiply leaders to serve in ministries that give you passion. Join a short term mission team to fulfill Jesus Christ’s command to us (Matthew 28:18–20).

At LifeBridge, God is fueling a growing, faith-filled dream of raising up the next generation of leaders, missionaries, and church planters who will reach those still waiting for someone to authentically bring Christ to them.

So, how about it? Does this sound like construction site worth entering? Do you want God to rebuild your life from scratch? Come and partner with us We’d love to journey with you. Let’s experience God’s rebuilding process together and watch Him rebuild us from the inside out! We hope you’ll join us. And remember, “Watch your step. Lives under construction.”

Pastor Dan Maxton