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Going means actively getting involved in the lives of others. One of our regular projects includes feeding the homeless of downtown San Diego. You can join us on the first Sunday of every even month. Our next service project is Sunday, February 7, from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Anyone age twelve years and up is eligible to service. Meet at the First Presbyterian Church, 320 Date Street, in downtown San Diego.

Life generates life. Together, we seek to lead people to become Christ-followers, leaders who serve, and visionaries who launch new churches in North County and beyond. Bring people to worship so that new life can be reproduced in them. Multiply leaders to serve in ministries that give you passion. Join a short term mission team to fulfill Jesus Christ’s command to us (Matthew 28:18–20).

At LifeBridge, God is fueling a growing, faith-filled dream of raising up the next generation of leaders, missionaries, and church planters who will reach those still waiting for someone to authentically bring Christ to them.

So, how about it? Does this sound like construction site worth entering? Do you want God to rebuild your life from scratch? Come and partner with us We’d love to journey with you. Let’s experience God’s rebuilding process together and watch Him rebuild us from the inside out! We hope you’ll join us. And remember, “Watch your step. Lives under construction.”