How did you land at LBC?
After moving to RB in 2013, we church shopped in the area and finally settled on LifeBridge. It was a difficult decision, as the church was going through a consultation from an independent agency, and things were not looking the best. However, we decided to stick with it and have been blessed with our decision.
What is unique about you?
Many people mistake my dry sense of humor for seriousness. I like to have fun and kid around, but I can be very serious when it comes to tackling difficult tasks, as I have been blessed with knowledge in technology, audio systems, mechanical and electrical theory. I don’t like to show off these skills, because I have seen others with immensely more knowledge in these areas, and I realize my limitations. I like to work hard to complete a task and reward myself with a Dairy Queen hot fudge shake, sushi dinner, or listening to music at a local winery.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor, restaurant, and/or cartoon character?
I love homemade, plain vanilla ice cream. My family would blend the cream, sugar and vanilla mixture in a metal canister immersed in a salted ice bucket that we’d crank and spin until it hardened. I love Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa. Rocky the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle moose had a great cartoon program I watched.
Name one of your talents:
I have a great skill at troubleshooting and solving problems. It gives me pleasure to analyze the situation and propose a solution that best fits the need. This has helped me in areas of ministry, such as audio technology and facilities management.