How did you land at LBC?

In 2009 when we first moved to RB I was looking for a Baptist church, and even though LifeBridge was called LifeBridge, I saw the sign on the lower chapel that said RB Baptist Church and I knew I found home.


What is unique about you?

I like to help people with their personal finances.  I want folks to get out of debt and learn about investing.  We moved a lot over the years. We like to play online video games over Steam (Civilization 6 is our favorite).  We play with my sister and her husband at least once a week.


What is your favorite ice cream flavor, restaurant, and/or cartoon character?

  • Blue
  • Chocolate fudge brownie
  • Miguels


Name one of your talents.

Before I became an engineer I was fascinated by electromagnetic waves and Einstein’s theory of relativity.  I read most of his writings.  I like leading people.  I was on our HOA board until July 1st.  At work I like to lead teams. I am not always detail oriented…but I can be if I have to.   I am big picture… in fact the Myers Briggs exam I was an ENTJ.  Oh I like doctrine!  I forgot to mention church stuff. 🙂   I am pretty good at apologetics….