How did you land at LBC?
Moved to Westwood in 1998 with 2 kids and a husband. I wanted a local church and the youth leader and pastor were great!
We’ve been through a lot at LifeBridge but many have weathered the storms and I’m glad to be back after 10 years away due to Rich’s (my husband) jobs that have taken us to new places.

What is unique about you?
That’s a God question.😁

What is your favorite ice cream, restaurant, food/drink, or cartoon character?
Mint chocolate chip, Texas Roadhouse but we don’t have one anymore nearby.🙁 I eat almost anything but tomato sauce, or fatty foods bother my stomach and I don’t like liver. The Peanuts are my favorite Cartoon characters.

Name one of your talents. Sewing I guess, not super talented, I have a way of making people feel like they can talk to me.