How did you land at LBC?

My older sister began attending LBC when she was in high school and eventually convinced me (begrudgingly) to attend the youth group. My life was transformed when I surrendered it to Christ in high school which begin my journey of serving in volunteer and paid roles in churches and in camp ministry through the years. Seven years ago my wife and I returned to our “forever home” San Diego, and I returned to LBC five years ago to work on staff at the church where I grew up. Now we have two beautiful little girls growing up in the community we love!


What is unique about you?

I am obsessed with Formula 1 racing. If you are a fan please come find me so we can talk about it excessively.  


What is your favorite ice cream flavor, restaurant, and/or cartoon character?

My favorite ice cream flavor is asking if I can have a brownie or chocolate chip cookie instead. Favorite restaurant is Taco Bell (don’t judge). Favorite cartoon character is Doug (90’s Nickelodeon at its best). 


Name one of your talents:

I can balance large objects on my chin. My record is a 10 foot ladder.