How did you land at LBC?

My children attended LBC Preschool a long time ago and loved it.  My husband and I didn’t have a church we called home, so we started attending LBC services and felt this was where we belonged.  We continue to grow our faith at LBC today.


What is unique about you?

I am an electric vehicle enthusiast and love witnessing the automobile industry shift to more electric vehicles being on the road.  My current electric car is a Ford Mustang Mach-E.


What is your favorite ice cream flavor, restaurant, and/or cartoon character?

Some of my favorites: Ice cream- my go to flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.  My favorite cartoon character is Spider-Man (old school Spider-Man) I like to think I am similar to this character because I like to help people.  Favorite restaurant – I love to eat outside and any place that has outdoor seating makes me happy.