How did you land at LBC?

We drove by LBC and saw a banner for Vacation Bible School and decided to register our daughter.  We were impressed by the loving, welcoming atmosphere and were drawn in and began attending Sunday worship.  We were looking for a Bible based church closer to home and felt the Lord leading us to plug in here.  We have been active members for five years now.


What is unique about you?

I am an avid football fan, and I lead workshops called “Football Savvy for Ladies” to help women learn and boost their football IQ.


What is your favorite color, ice cream flavor, restaurant, cartoon character and/or food?

Favorites – color is blue, Rocky Road ice cream, Yanni’s Mediterranean Restaurant, Minnie Mouse, and Chicago pizza.


Name one of your talents:

I have a talent for engaging and connecting with others.  From speaking engagements to small personal gatherings, I have a gift for finding commonality and connection.  Strangers are friends I haven’t met yet!