How did you land at LBC?

When I moved to San Diego in 2016 (to marry Karen Pahler) finding a church was a top priority.  After checking out a number of churches online, I picked five to visit.  LifeBridge turned out to be the right size and offered good, Bible centered teaching.


What is unique about you?

One of the ways I am not like most other people, is my early life as a military “brat” and then moving five times in my first ten years after college.  I have lived in ten states, plus a total of five and a half years I lived in Germany.  I have also visited 51 countries, and 47 of our 50 states.


What is your favorite ice cream flavor, restaurant, cartoon character and/or food?

Coffee Ice Cream, Tony’s Jacal Restaurant for great Mexican food, and Roadrunner cartoons.


Name one of your talents:

I enjoy almost all genres of music and have played guitar in praise bands.