What led you to work in the church?
I wanted to work at a church because I always wanted to invest and coach the next generation. There were many ways to do that but, as I looked at my life, the most important thing to me was my relationship with God and that is what I wanted to pass along.

What is unique about you?
Something that is unique about me is that I have been a groomsman in 19 weddings. I was a best man for 3 of them. I’m definitely trying to get to 27 so i can sell my story to Hollywood.

What is your favorite color, ice cream flavor, restaurant, cartoon character, and/or food?
My favorite color is Black. My current favorite ice cream flavor is cheesecake but that evolves every few weeks. My favorite restaurant is any place where the owners don’t speak english. My favorite cartoon character is a tie between All Might and Superman but I also have a quiet love for Sokka, especially after he got his sword/boomerang combo.

Name one special talent or interest you have.
A special interest I have is BBQ. I want to master every kind of BBQ. Brisket has to wait till I get a smoker but ribs are my current obsession.